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I am truly sorry to have taken so long to post again. I have been busy with school, friends and everything else life decided to throw at me. (3 day science test!) I wanted to make this post as special as it can be, so…


*bouncy music playing in distance*

*See Pics Below*

Hello! Trendsetters-it’s your favorite blogger with all of your Pre-Thanksgiving trends! I have only seen two main trends rocking the halls this month; Boho Chic and Sporty Glam. Electric Blue and Bright Pink have been spotted a LOT!

Sporty Gals-It’s your time to unleash your inner rainbow and say NO to late summer’s colors fading away! I’m thinking a bright red ribbon in my hair, or a colorblock tee.

Boho Glam is BACK and I could not be happier! Apparently, maroon, flower crowns and periwinkle have been spotted on the runway, in the stadiums, and in your closets!

I’m Thinking a ensemble of flowy blue paired with funky pink accessories, patterned leggings and a light faux fur vest. You tell me,is this trend HERE TO STAY or GO AWAY!

Signing off…

Cute Backpacks for Back-To-School

Pink Deer Leaper Backpack

Pink Deer Leaper Backpack

MissFox Vintage Backpack

Miss Fox Vintage Backpack

Jansport Classic Superbreak Aqua Dash Zou

Jansport Classic Superbreak Aqua Dash Zou

World Traveler Pink-Trim Zebra

World Traveler Pink-Trim Zebra

Leaper Backpack Snow Flower Light Purple

Leaper Backpack Snow Flower Light Purple

All of these backpacks are available for purchase on

This is part one of my many part BTS (back-to-school) series. Look forward to more BTS fashion and decorating tips and articles.