I am truly sorry to have taken so long to post again. I have been busy with school, friends and everything else life decided to throw at me. (3 day science test!) I wanted to make this post as special as it can be, so…


*bouncy music playing in distance*

*See Pics Below*

Hello! Trendsetters-it’s your favorite blogger with all of your Pre-Thanksgiving trends! I have only seen two main trends rocking the halls this month; Boho Chic and Sporty Glam. Electric Blue and Bright Pink have been spotted a LOT!

Sporty Gals-It’s your time to unleash your inner rainbow and say NO to late summer’s colors fading away! I’m thinking a bright red ribbon in my hair, or a colorblock tee.

Boho Glam is BACK and I could not be happier! Apparently, maroon, flower crowns and periwinkle have been spotted on the runway, in the stadiums, and in your closets!

I’m Thinking a ensemble of flowy blue paired with funky pink accessories, patterned leggings and a light faux fur vest. You tell me,is this trend HERE TO STAY or GO AWAY!

Signing off…


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